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We all have gifts. For some, it takes the form of being able to whip up something delicious with odds and ends found in the kitchen. Others, can create work of art using just paper, pen, and inspiration. Then there are ones who have memorized the square root of some random number and can recite digits like some one can say the alphabet. We all have that thing that we can do and do well. But, how often do we bask in our gifts? So many of us were taught not to brag- it’s rude and no one likes a show off. In my eyes however, being proud of your super power isn’t a bad thing. It’s as necessary as breathing, sleeping, eating and well, you know what else you need to do on a regular basis to stay balanced. In order to be fully engaged and a benefit to others, we have to take pride in what makes each of us special. Just because I can create reality with my words doesn’t shade or detract from your talent to use your hands to fix what has been broken. The more we can honor our gifts, the more we can see the shine in others. Open your mind to claiming your ‘ish is all that and a bag of snack item and the ability to elevate others for their ‘ish will follow.

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Late night visits to adult bookstores. Coming out shows on college campuses. Climbing the corporate ladders while never forgetting your roots. The love and support of sister/lovers/friends.

La Toya Hankins seeks to capture the lives of the new Southern women in her novels, SBF Seeking… and K-Rho: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood. Dedicated to capturing the experiences of women’ voices often left unheard in contemporary fiction, Hankins takes the reader to the cities and towns of her native North Carolina and showcases the experiences of living for one self instead of up to the expectations of others.

Kiara, Donna, Yvette, Yolanda, Danita and Gloria are more than just characters. They are the sisters, sorors, daughters, and friends we all have in our lives.

Have you found what you are looking for and do you have a sisterhood that supersede sexuality? Come visit the word of Toya and find yourself among the pages.