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Along with writing novels and short stories, Hankins also writes a monthly column Hot Tea and Ice. Here is a sample of this month’s selection. For more, click on the picture and be ready to have your literary thirst quenched.

Greetings Hot Tea and Ice Sippers! I trust you are well.


The temperatures are dropping, clothing is getting thicker, and we are getting into that holiday frame of mind. Even if you do not subscribe to a particular faith, the remainder of 2017 should offer you at least one day to spend time with loved ones, do some shopping–or smile at someone who has to work while you enjoy a day off.


One major break in the monotony of daily life that approaches is the fourth Thursday of November. For one day, we are supposed to give thanks for all the good things we have in our lives. That is in between gorging on carbs, plotting a way to drop sums of money at retail stores, and watching television in between power naps.


Thanksgiving means different things to different people: having one day to be thankful is okay, but I would say expressing appreciation should be a year-round event.









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Late night visits to adult bookstores. Coming out shows on college campuses. Climbing the corporate ladders while never forgetting your roots. The love and support of sister/lovers/friends.

La Toya Hankins seeks to capture the lives of the new Southern women in her novels, SBF Seeking… and K-Rho: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood. Dedicated to capturing the experiences of women’ voices often left unheard in contemporary fiction, Hankins takes the reader to the cities and towns of her native North Carolina and showcases the experiences of living for one self instead of up to the expectations of others.

Kiara, Donna, Yvette, Yolanda, Danita and Gloria are more than just characters. They are the sisters, sorors, daughters, and friends we all have in our lives.

Have you found what you are looking for and do you have a sisterhood that supersede sexuality? Come visit the word of Toya and find yourself among the pages.